#WITH 2015 – Pastor Iheanyi Ejiogu – HOST

#WITH 2015 – Pastor Iheanyi Ejiogu – HOST

The theme for this year’s W.I.T.H conference was gotten by the express leading of God through the power of the Holy Spirit to help the believer access vital information from the word of God.

Over the years; there seems to be a rising disconnect between what most Christians hear and say and what they practice in their private lives. This is likely linked to the QUALITY of their knowledge of God’s word.

This is becoming a real problem.

There is an inevitable need for Christians and the Church as a whole to rise up and align themselves with God’s agenda for their lives, business, family and for our Nation.

The Kingdom of God is beyond a Church.

It is a consciousness that every Christian must come into personally.

This will be a life changing event.

Welcome to W.I.T.H Conference 2015

Iheanyi Ejiogu

Senior Pastor

Evangel Pentecostal Church – LIBERTY HOUSE


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