In our world today,there is a segment of people that believe they are far better than other folks out there.

Nobody ever did anything to choose the family they ended up in, but God’s grace and favor got them there.

What makes us think we are the best candidate for the opportunity we have got? What makes us think we are better than others?
We have gotten to a stage where we easily castigate people when they misbehave. Thinking we can never do same if we are in their shoes.

We are defensive when faced with same scenario but quick to speak when its others.

Pretense has become our modules operandi. Our physical disposition tries to cover a lot of things while our subconscious reminds us the things we do in private.

I can never say that I am better than the stripper out there or the guy that deals with drugs or the acclaimed tout on the street. I ain’t better than them because… It could have been me.

Here is the fact – the creator still loves the creation irrespective of what we think about them.

They are God’s potential as long as they live. What are the odds you are not the one sleeping under bridge or begging on the street; because we have good jobs, money, shelter, good clothes, cars etc. we think we are better-off,  But the truth is that we all are gods but some are misusing the God factor.

We should value humanity because they were made the same way you were made. Dehumanization has become part of us to an extent we treat them like different species. What does it take to show love to others.

Always have this at the back of your mind… It could have been you.


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