I will start this article by saying..”never give up on things you love to do so much no matter what happens”. People are quick to throw in the towel,just because they heard someone say to them that they are not trying.
“People’s opinion can only affect you when you give thought to it,and allow it eat you up subconsciously.”- Samandy

People will constantly say things about you just to make you feel bad and even get you depressed so that you will leave the scene for them. But keep doing your thing,your philosophy should always be “success”. People’s negative opinion is to stop you from growing mentally,psychologically etc. So you need to be careful with your association. They can either make or mar you.

Let me share two funny events in my life to illustrate the benefit of the law of perseverance:

I bought PHCN card some time ago in order to recharge and there was no power supply that day to recharge it. Finally, when the power supply was restored…I could not find the card. I searched and searched,I asked if anyone saw it. Nobody seems to know where it was for about two days. I almost gave up the search,until I found it.

Also, I remembered my first season in the choir…it was really tough for me. I was tackled by my choristers from every angle because of my poor singing ability and also in the area of obeying the dress code for every Sunday etc. Although I had the voice to sing but do not know how to manage the voice. Today I’m better compared to my former state because I faithfully obeyed the law of perseverance. Even though I am not where I’m supposed to be but certainly not where I used to be. If I had thrown in the towel then, I would not have gotten here today. You need to persevere and thrive for greatness.


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