The type of information children acquire determines how great they would be while growing. Genius is a result of sound and quality information we receive during our childhood stage. You don’t become GENIUS over-night its a process. Parents got a lot of work to do when it comes to children,these days parents are too busy and doing so little in the life of their children. After child birth,4-8 months the baby is in day care and they are ready to pay thousands for the baby to defecate and urinate at the end of the day. A Child who stays longer at home is more organized and responsible. It is beyond A is for Apple and 1 2 3, – you have to find out what they like doing; don’t shout your children down when they are expressing their feelings because,that would cause emotional silence psychologically. Some children like writing,drawing,talking,playing with toys,singing etc,don’t kill it rather help them to build it positively. Mother if the man is working and earning good money,tell him to establish business for you so that you can nurture your children till 2 years at the least before any other thing.

They need a mother around them than every other person,I detest the attitude women display these days [Can’t I work again? Am I the only one with children?] so awkward. When parents stop modeling their children; the society will model them for you with what they’ve got. You need to shape them in order to be indispensable in the society. I have come to realize that children love those that care for them so much in such a way that they will never forget the person. Have you ever imagined mother and child playing morning and night? It brings an intimate familiarity and love between them.

Practical example: when a child crys; everybody comes to carry him/her,but they would hardly keep quiet – but as soon as the child’s mother comes around,there is a high tendency that the child stops crying immediately.

There is however what I term kids’ preference in parents. A child may prefer his dad over his mum or vice versa, it could be because of how the child has been treated by either his mum or dad,or the type of attitude their parents tend to exhibit.
So if i say a mothers’ love is essential and neglecting the father I will not be doing justice to this case rather I will just be generalizing the article,because a mother who is not responsible will treat her kids badly and show the same behavior to her husband, because she has not matured in Christ and still believes she is the young babe she once was.

I am not saying a mothers’ love is not important but we should not forget the fathers who are willing to risk their lives for their children. Parents – you are the voice of God over these children. Please, sow the right seed in them[children],so that you will reap bountiful harvest in future



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