TESTIMONY : He orders our steps and leads us in the way we should go.

A brother shared a testimony this Sunday that literally had him speechless.

During the week on his way to Apapa, he boarded a bus with his friend and requested to seat in front with the driver.

For some unknown reason the driver insisted he sat somewhere else at the back, after a few minutes arguing he agreed but when he saw the seat, he once again refused and told his friend he wont seat there because it was dirty. The friend looked at him weird and sat there anyways while the driver who had gotten tired of the back and forth, finally allowed him to seat in front like he wanted.

In the course of their journey, a trailer ran into the bus. His friend who sat at the back lost his legs while he escaped with a little scratch on his fingers.
We do not rejoice over the accident or it’s consequence but we are thankful that he was sensitive to the leading of God and he was saved from grievous body harm. We are a preserved generation and may we always be sensitive to His leading.

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