ACCESS – Not Some All!

ACCESS - Not Some All!

God The Father has no FAVORITES! Every believer in Jesus Christ is the apple of His eyes and PRECIOUS in His sight. We all have the same fervent love (everlasting love that passes knowledge) LAVISHED upon us. No-one is more BELOVED than the other. Jesus Christ The Beloved Son was forsaken and crushed by righteous judgement that we may ALL become dearly beloved of The Father.

We all have the same free GIFT of righteousness. We all have the same RIGHT of entrance into the HOLIEST by the blood of Jesus Christ. We all have the same ACCESS to the throne of grace; to partake of His mercy and grace. We are all called to a LIFE full of glory and virtue. We are all qualified to overcome. We are all born-again into the riches of His glorious inheritance; into the BLESSING.

We all have the same HolySpirit (there are not many types of The HolySpirit). He may choose to administer and OPERATE differently but there is only one HolySpirit at work in every believer. The same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, is the same Spirit that now RESIDES (not an occasional visitor) in every believer; full of glory, splendor and power.

The Holy Spirit hasn’t come to put you down, criticize or condemn you. He has come to REVEAL to you and MANIFEST through you – JESUS the Christ. He will guide you into all truth (Jesus The Truth). He will reveal to you who YOU really are in Christ Jesus.

To underestimate what God can do through you is to undervalue and underrate The Spirit of GRACE and power Who resides in you. He is the same Spirit that created the universe; how can you lack CREATIVITY and excellence. Friends, limitless power, untamable might, irrefutable wisdom, flawless counsel, marvelous help, infinite knowledge, complete understanding and excellent glory resides in you.

Stop calling yourself COMMON (ordinary, belonging to generality, of little worth, filthy, a failure, a burden, cursed, unqualified, forsaken, guilty). God The Father has set His indescribable love upon you. He calls you beloved, precious, forgiven, redeemed, sanctified and beautiful. You are full of eternal value. The Almighty God rejoices over you with singing. He has paved an eternal way of forgiveness, irrevocable blessings for you and has hidden priceless treasures inside of you.

It is great to celebrate the gift of God in others and honor those who labor over you but while you are at it, you must also take a good look in the mirror of God’s Word and begin to celebrate and magnify The Greater One and His greatness that resides inside YOU!

Scriptural Reference: Acts 10:14-15 | 1 Corinthians 12:4-7 | Acts 10:34 | Acts 8:11 | 2 Corinthians 3:18



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