Grace Anatomy

Grace Anatomy

Is grace a new concept? Did The Father suddenly realise that the law won’t work out and switch? This can’t be the case. The Father is not growing up, improving, developing, transforming or attending master classes on how to best run the universe. He is the only wise, forever wise God. He doesn’t change! He is not evolving in His thoughts. There is no variableness with The Father neither any shadow of turning. Therefore if God is GRACIOUS, He didn’t suddenly get there for the I AM can’t become, He is! So what He is He has always been and forever will be; the same yesterday, today and forever… So that the One who is, is the One who was and is the One who is to come.
Jesus came to manifest the grace of God in its fullness. He is the grace of God that has appeared. So what The Father was flashing under the old covenant due to the separation sin introduced He has now fully unveiled through Christ Jesus – the Lamb slain.


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