Fast and Furious 1

Fast and Furious 1

Narrative: The speed of life is the speed of light. But this speed isn’t about being fast but about motion according to the revelation of The will. This motion must be according to the predeterminate counsel and foreknowledge of God. In God’s race it’s not the fastest or the first to cross to the finish line that wins but he /she who ran WELL. In God’s race ENDURANCE is more important than BEING FAST. We must live according to the pattern laid out, we must follow the blueprint if we are interested in REWARDS. Jesus lived for 33 years not because He didn’t know God’s promises of long life
or was inept in using them… It was God’s will and Jesus yielded to it. Note His life wasn’t taken from Him he laid it down. It’s wasn’t weakness it was glory and strength.

Scriptures: Acts 4:23 | Romans 8:29-30 | Heb 12:1-2 | Eph 1:11 | 2 Tim 1:9 | Col 4:12


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