Grace Anatomy – Breathe

Grace Anatomy - Breathe

You can’t fast/pray/sweat your way into the holiest. The ONLY way to the holiest is by the blood of Jesus. Imperfection cannot produce perfection.

God calls you in accordance with the end He’s arranged. The Bible calls salvation ‘Eternal Salvation’. Jesus is the Author of eternal salvation (Hebrews 5:9) not temporal salvation, that’s why scripture says whosoever the Son of man sets free is free indeed.

In most believers’ minds, what the devil does is more permanent than what God has done. You see books that start with ‘Yes, Jesus has paid the full price BUT in this family no woman gets married until they’re 45’. They quote to you what God has done but still say what the devil does is more potent, so people’s experiences seem more powerful than what God has done.

People think they can lose their salvation because they think they went to TAKE salvation as in, THEY found Jesus so, they can lose Him. Nobody comes to Jesus except the Father draws him. You can preach all you like but the person won’t say ‘yes’. To someone else, you could say only a few words and he says ‘yes’ to Jesus. The difference is the Holy Ghost is drawing the latter.

The doctrine that salvation is temporal is what corrupts faith. Doubt is your issue, not faith. You’re uncertain of the Father you have. Your perception of your Father affects how you receive from Him. If you perceive Him as wicked, it’ll affect how you approach Him. You can’t ask God for healing if you don’t know He wants to heal you. You’d never ask in faith. If God is training you through sickness, why are you using drugs or going to the hospital? You’re being rebellious! This is not the picture of God painted in scripture; you got it from traditions.

God isn’t looking for reasons to punish you. He already has a reason to bless you because of what Jesus did for you. You owe nothing. You’re not accepted in yourself. The Bible says you’re accepted in the Beloved. The one that has Jesus is favoured to the pinnacle of favour: everything that pertains to life and godliness. There’s no more favour he can get. What you didn’t start is not your job to finish. What God starts, He finishes. God has watched your film from the end. You’re seeing pitfalls and you’re falling now, don’t worry. God is the one at work in you to finish. He keeps you from falling.

A new phone pack has a seal and they tell you ‘if this seal is broken, return, meaning the phone has been tampered with. The unbroken, unbreakable seal you have on you guaranteeing the end, is the Holy Spirit. God put that seal on you as a guarantee to you that nothing can snatch you from His hands and He gave you eternal life. That life always produces what it was sent to produce.

The reason Christians misbehave is, they don’t know who they are. If you know you’re righteous, you’d walk righteously. If you think there’s something wrong with you, you’d act as such. Once you know you’re free and free indeed, you’d live and walk free indeed. If you think there are chains on your hands, you won’t move them. The moment you realise there are no chains, you’d move your hands freely. ‘Ah, I can’t help myself. Once I see a lady…’ You don’t know who you are. You think you’re the old man. The Bible says, ‘if any man be in Christ, he’s a new creation.’ You must agree. New creation means you’re blessed. There’s no generational curse. ‘My great great great great-grandfather was worshipping this and that… My mother made covenants…In my family, we make money but it always goes…’ That’s their business! You have to decide what you’d believe: your history or what God has said in His word…


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