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November 2019
Posted at: 04 Nov 2019

“You don’t win in the battlefield of gods playing mortal combat.” – Rev Amuneni We are Sons of God, immortals, partakers of the divine life. We have eternal life in us. Our battle field is...

October 2019
Posted at: 07 Oct 2019

To underestimate what Jesus Christ accomplished through His death, burial and resurrection is to make a mockery of the wisdom, power and grace of God. What He did wasn’t just enough it was more than...

May 2019
Posted at: 15 May 2019
Grace Anatomy

Is grace a new concept? Did The Father suddenly realise that the law won’t work out and switch? This can’t be the case. The Father is not growing up, improving, developing, transforming or attending master...

April 2019
Posted at: 06 Apr 2019
Soul Snatchers

Every Soul Counts… The Father’s desire is salvation for all; the good, bad and ugly. Jesus – The good shepherd always leaves the 99 saved and safe and goes after the one that has strayed...

March 2019
Posted at: 26 Mar 2019

Money is an all important subject that Jesus talked more about money than heaven and hell combined! Jesus talked more about money than anything else except the Kingdom of God. Facts: In 11 of 39...

February 2019
Posted at: 06 Feb 2019

We have been made righteous because of The One – Jesus Christ. It’s a gift we have been freely given. We advance in righteousness only by faith. The more conscious we become of this gift...

December 2018
Posted at: 07 Dec 2018

From crowns of goodness, blessings, glory and honour to crowns of righteousness Abba Father loves beautifying his children. But the most important crown He enjoys decorating our lives with is Himself. He enjoys being our...

November 2018
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